Help For Those Who Ask, “What is the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream?”

Suppose that you were an older adult, an adult who was about to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. What would you wish for? Maybe you would wish for help, help with answering this question: “What is the best anti-wrinkle cream?” Of course, if you relished the chance to appear older and wiser, then you might wish to find the answer to this question: “What is the best wrinkle cream?” Bestnakedcam

How should anyone go about finding the answer to either of those questions? He or she might plan to study carefully the product label, the label on the various skin care items that line the pharmacy shelf. Common sense would indicate that anyone who is asking “What is the best anti-wrinkle cream?” should be familiar with the ingredients that are most often found in a product that has been designed to prevent wrinkles.

Frequently such a product contains something called “naked minerals.” In fact, a product with a label that said “naked mineral free” would probably qualify as the answer to the question “What is the best wrinkle cream?” A product without naked minerals would do a poor job of preventing wrinkles.

What are “naked minerals?” They are minerals that have only a passing effect on the cells that make-up what is referred to as the “surface skin.” Once they have been applied to the skin, “naked minerals” begin their journey down to the deep skin cells. Naked minerals penetrate past aging skin, the skin on the outermost layer of the body. Naked minerals do not try to perform “a miracle” on the aging and dying cells that the body looses each day.

Naked minerals go to work on the deep skin cells, the cells that will eventually rise to the surface. Supplied with naked minerals, a top quality skin care product nourishes the deep skin cells. By nourishing those cells, the naked minerals prepare those deep cells for their trip up to the surface of the skin.

At this point, a thoughtful reader might wonder why skin cells would need to be nourished by a skin cream. Wouldn’t a healthful diet supply the body with vitamins and minerals that have the ability to nourish the deep skin cells? In the past, the answer to that question would have been “yes.” In the past adults could obtain from available fruits and vegetables the vitamins and minerals that were needed by their deep skin cells.

Today, however, even the most healthful diet does not always nourish the deep skin cells to the extent that it should. Today, the growing use of insecticides and pesticides has reduced the number of minerals in the available farm-raised products. That fact explains why the makers of skin care products now put “naked minerals” in their wrinkle-fighting creams.

Now if a reader of this article chooses to stop reading at this point, and to look for a product that contains naked minerals, he or she should realize that that search has little chance for discovery of the perfect anti-wrinkle cream. Those who are asking “What is the best anti wrinkle cream?” need something more that a product with naked minerals.

While naked minerals do fuel the creation of healthy skin cells, a cell that receives naked minerals does not get an automatic signal, a signal that calls for production of a certain vitalizing protein. Healthy skin cells contain a chemical that can stimulate the production of particular proteins. A product that fails to stimulate production of such proteins could be put forth as an answer to the question “What is the best wrinkle cream?” Such a product would encourage the formation of wrinkles.

Such a product would not qualify for designation as a “top quality skin care aid.” Such a product would not stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. Those two proteins are found in all healthy skin cells. As skin cells age, however, they loose their ability to make collagen and elastin.