Jeff Mulligan Review – Founder of High Tech Marketing LLC and CBMALL

Jeff mulligan is able to show you the best way to create and operate your own successful online business. He is one of the more straightforward marketing experts around. He is currently the founder and chief executive officer of the High Tech Marketing, LLC Company and he has many other sites as well. He does not try to sell ideas as much as inspire you with his own ideas. He has a site that provides some quick information and education for you about how to elevate your sales and revenue; you can access it on Quickie Profits. Incfile review

On Jeff Mulligan’s High Tech Marketing Blog you can find a wealth of ideas dealing with Jeff’s own solutions and inspirations in the marketing and technology worlds. He founded and developed the CBmall which is the largest sharing of Click Bank Affiliates online today and through this site commissions are paid on almost all information based products. This one site has been featured several times in Opportunity World magazine.

He has even created a number one web site on how to get out of speeding tickets, so it is apparent that his interests are quite diverse. He has had much practice doing product development and strategy campaigns, product management, communications and software development in the private sector and continues to do this online through his many business activities.

When it comes to web marketing he was the one responsible for the creation of the SWAN program and he was barely out of his teens when he started on that venture. He has had a great deal of experience in lead generation, the development and implementation of print, direct mail and other programs. He has a wealth of knowledge about how to develop and design any type of web site and he is considered a leading expert at SEO and banner advertising.

As someone who is qualified to help people with honest and well thought out advice, this is definitely someone to whom you could talk and expect to get some answers that would provide you with more than just lip service. Jeff is one who will tell you that there is no short cut and no millions to be made overnight, but if you are willing to exert the same amount of hard work that he has, then there is a better than average chance that you too will receive some internet success. He even puts a personal phone number on his own site and takes calls during the day when he has time. He even answers his own email and he does personally which is unheard of.

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