Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Investment – Still Very Attractive

During the days that the market really began take off, starting around 2002, Playa del Carmen Real Estate earned its reputation as one of the best investment options in beachfront tourism areas. Through of excellent planning, ongoing investment and organized management of finances, the government has helped attract ongoing large-scale investment to the area, and further developing real estate investment potential. glenn delve

One acknowledgment of this fact comes with the recent allocation of funds from Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), which choose Playa del Carmen as the first municipality in Mexico to receive special funds for a program promoting the development public spaces. This fact reflects the federal government’s confidence in this area to put these funds to good use, creating a community attractive to foreign investors, and very liveable for expats and Mexicans alike. The liveability of the community has made various Playa del Carmen properties attractive investment options for those looking ahead to up-and-coming areas.

As far as business investment is concerned, the Municipal Treasury has reported a high rate, compared with the 2009, of opening and renewal of business licenses, reflecting a growing amount of business investment; this is also a positive sign for real estate buyers planning to earn money through business investment while living in Mexico. The Riviera Maya Hotel Association has also announced further investment in Playa del Carmen and a rebound in hotel occupancy.

For property buyers, each of these items points to the fact that Playa del Carmen continues to be one of the top real estate investment choices, with a healthy tourism economy, and strong growth that attracts both large-scale private and government investment.

In an upcoming investment forum, Playa del Carmen will be focusing on investment on the non-beach side of the federal highway, including educational institutions, and residential and commercial developers. This will open new Playa del Carmen land opportunities; lots purchased on this side of the highway are still only a 10-15 minute drive away from the beachfront, and will have close access to excellent shopping and many activities.